Law Partners Maria Danaher, Editor of Employment Law Matters, and Mary Wright, Guest Blogger (both of Ogletree Deakins), offer up this month’s Employment Law Carnival.

Here is our A to Z list of legal pickings from around the ‘Net.


Slide1is for the ADA

Eric B. Meyer, The Employer Handbook, The Firefighter Afraid of Fighting Fires Loses His ADA claim.  Right, you guys? Right?!?


Slide2is for Basketball Bargaining

Nate Duncan, The Team Rebounds, NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement Flashcards.


Slide3is for Car

Chris Ceplenski, Compensation and Benefits Daily Advisor, How to Calculate Employee Reimbursements for Mileage Expenses


 Slide4is for Diversity

Heather Bussing,  HR Examiner,  Diversity: Tampering with Certainty


Slide5is for English Only Policies

Philip Miles, Lawffice Space, “English Only” – Discrimination or Legit Job Requirement?


Slide6is for Freedom of Speech

Stuart E. Rudner, Rudner McDonald Blog,  Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Mean Freedom from Consequences


Slide7is for GINA

Latosha Dexter, HR Professional Magazine, The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act – Takes Steps Now to Ensure Compliance


Slide8is for Harassment

Shaun Bernstein, Rodney Employment Law Blog, No Place for Discrimination:  Workplace Harassment and What to Watch For


 Slide9is for Identity Theft

Mary Wright, Blogging for Jobs, With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility:  Protect Data on Your HRIS


Slide10is for Jokes

Charlice Hurst, Karen Macmillan and Thomas Watson, Ivey Business Journal, Deconstructing Donglegate:  Lessons from an HR Fiasco


Slide11is for Kinfolks

Kaitlyn Jakubowski, BT Currents, Flextime Consideration is Now Law in Some Places


Slide12is for LGBT

David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement, Obama Executive Order is “Single Largest Expansion of LGBT Workplace Protections”


Slide13is for Minimum Wage

Christopher J. Near, Leigh M. Nason, Alfred B. Robins, Jur. And Dara L. DeHaven, Ogletree Deakins Blog, Your Guide to the Proposed Rules Under Executive Order 13658:  Setting a Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors


Slide14is for the NLRB

Lindsay M. Bouffard, Employment Essentials, The NLRB Doesn’t Like Your Attitude


Slide15is for Officer

Aarti Maharaj, The FCPA Blog, Does the Compliance Officer Own Corporate Character?


Slide16is for Punitive Damages

Randy J. Manilofff, LexisNexis Legal Newsroom, Punitive Damages:  Insurable in 38 States – The Sometimes Oversimplified Issue


Slide17is for Quota

Lyle Denniston, ScotusBlog, Opinion Analysis:  Affirmative Action – Up to the Voters


Slide18is for Recordkeeping

Ari Rosenstein, Small Biz HR Blog, Record Keeping Best Practices – A Quick Guide 


Slide19is for Sensitivity to Smells

Tiffani McDonough, The Legal Intelligencer, April Showers Bring May Flowers and Other Workplace Irritants: Must an Employer Provide a Fragrance-Free Workplace Under the ADA?

Slide20is for Time Keeping

Jennifer Palagi, California Public Agency Labor & Employment Blog, Favorable Decision For Employers Reinforces Importance Of Clear Policies Regarding Off-the-Clock Work


Slide21is for Unclothed

John Hyman,  Ohio Employer’s Law Blog: If You’re Caught Sunbathing Nude, On the Roof of Your Elementary-School-Employer, Don’t Sue for Retaliation


Slide22is for Violence

John S. Gannon, The Law @ Work, OSHA Clamping Down on Workplace Violence


Slide23is for Wage and Hour (Times 2!)

Brandon T. Willenberg, JD Supra Business Advisor, California Employers Catch One of Those Rare Wage and Hour Class Action Breaks form the California Supreme Court

Robin Shea, Employment & Labor Insider, Beware of Employees Too Eager to Please!


Slide24is for Xeroxed (or Copied) Trade Secrets

Jason T. Murata, John M. Tanski and Brooke J. Oppenheimer, Risk Management, Are Your Secrets Safe?


Slide25is for Youngster

Joe Ross, First Reference, Creating a BYOD Policy for Millennials


Slide26is for Zealot

Frederic Leffler, JD Supra Business Advisor, EEOC Issues New Guidance on Religious Garb and Grooming in the Workplace



And as Mary’s sainted mother would add —

And a “pinch to grow an inch!”  A little extra from the always refreshing Donna Ballman, Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home, The Criminalization of Employment Law.


Mary and Maria want to thank all their friends in Big Law, Little Law, Plaintiff’s Law, or downright No Law for all their contributions.  We like the fact that the Internet is making our legal community smaller every day.