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Shutdowns may have an impact on employees’ FLSA-exempt status.

Many companies affected by the current economic downturn are searching for ways to help weather that storm. Occasional reduction in work hours, implementing mandatory vacations, or instituting short-term furloughs can help an employer to retain experienced employees, while allowing the company to achieve cost savings in this time of economic crisis. The Department of Labor … Continue Reading

Lack-of-specific-knowledge not sufficient to avoid liquidated damages under FLSA

The Fair Labor Standards Act provides that employers violating the Act’s overtime pay requirements are liable for the amount of unpaid overtime. In addition, such an employer may be held liable for an equal amount of liquidated damages, unless it can show that it acted in “good faith” and with “reasonable grounds for believing” that … Continue Reading

Court designates sales managers as “employees.”

A group of insurance “sales leaders” who filed for overtime wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) have been deemed by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to be employees rather than independent contractors, and therefore eligible for overtime pay. Hopkins v. Cornerstone America, No. 07-10952 (5th Cir. October 13, 2008). The court … Continue Reading